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SPRING and FALL 1995

Special Issue
Guest edited by Donna Hollenberg and Eileen Gregory


The Editor

Susan Stanford Friedman, “Serendipity: Finding a Draft Manuscript of H.D.’s ‘Helen'”

Robert Spoo, “Editing H.D.’s Asphodel: Selected Emendations and Notes”

Donna Krolik Hollenberg, “‘New Puritans’ in a Civilian War: Letters Between H.D. and Norman Holmes Pearson (1941-1946)

Eileen Gregory, “Euripides and H.D.’s Working Notebook for Helen in Egypt

The Vortex

William Wenthe, “‘The Hieratic Dance’: Prosody and the Unconscious in H.D.’s Poetry”

Lawrence H. McCauley, “The Wail Cannot Di-Jest Me: Puns, Poetry, and Language in H.D.’s Trilogy

George Hart, “‘A Memory Forgotten’: The Circle of Memory and Forgetting in H.D.’s Helen in Egypt

Scott Boehnen, “‘H.D., War Poet’ and the ‘Language Fantasy’ of Trilogy

Robert G. Babcock, “Verses, Translations, and Reflections from ‘The Anthology’: H.D., Ezra Pound, and the Greek Anthology”

Kathleen Crown, “H.D.’s Jellyfish Manifesto and the Visible Body of Modernism”

Deborah Anne Moreland, “The Suffragettes, the Great War, and Representation in H.D.’s Asphodel

Cover: H.D., Pennsylvania, 1900. Photograph by Lipp Studio. Reprinted by permission of The Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.

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