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FALL and WINTER 1985

Special Issue


Dove Sta Memora

Robert Creeley, “For Robert”

Hayden Carruth, “Slow Worlds to ‘Stardust,’ an Ayre”

John Matthias, “Ley Lines”

Ronald Johnson, “For R.D.”

Robert Kennedy, “Class Note”

Michael McClure, “The Glade”

Jonathan Williams, “Euterpe Tears Off Five Clerihews to Amuse Mr. Duncan”

Jill Duerr, “Saussure Lecture: Duncan College”

Robert Kelly, “Lations: A Suite for Robert Duncan”

Ted Enslin, “Klangfarbenmelodie”

Thom Gunn, “Odysseus on Hermes”

The Vortex

Robert Duncan, “From the H.D. Book, Part II, Chapter 5″

Michael André Bernstein and Burton Hatlen, “Interview with Robert Duncan”

Robert Duncan, “‘Where as Giant Kings We Gathered’: Some Letters from Robert Duncan to William Everson, 1940 and After”

The Excerner

Michael André Bernstein, “Robert Duncan: Talent and the Individual Tradition”

Joseph G. Kronick, “Robert Duncan and the Truth that Lies in Myth”

Norman Finkelstein, “‘Princely Manipulations of the Real’ or ‘A Noise in the Head of the Prince’: Duncan and Spicer on Poetic Composition”

R. S. Hamilton, “After Strange Gods: Robert Duncan Reading Ezra Pound and H. D.”

De Villo Sloan, “‘Crude Mechanical Access’ or ‘Crude Personism’: A Chronicle of One San Francisco Bay Area Poetry War”

The Explicator

Carl D. Esbjornson, “Tracking the Soul’s Truth: Robert Duncan’s Revisioning of the Self in Caesar’s Gate

George F. Butterick, “Seraphic Predator: A First Reading of Robert Duncan’s Ground Work

Thomas Gardner, “‘Where We Are’: A Reading of Passages 1-12″

The National Poetry Award

The Reviewer

Susan Stanford Friedman (H.D., Hedylus; Perdita Schaffner, “A Sketch of H.D.: The Egyptian Cat;” John Walsh, “Afterword” and “Note on the Text”)

Lorrie Smith (Denise Levertov, Oblique Prayers)

Cover designed by Ariel.

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