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(publication date 2006)

Special Issue
Edited by Elizabeth Savage and Lynda Szabo



Elizabeth Savage, “Love, the Lyric, and History in Lorine Niedecker and Susan Howe”

Ellen McGrath Smith, “A Stepmother for Transformations: Sara Henderson Hay’s Story Hour

Danette DiMarco, “‘Misfortune’s Monsters / The Human … Race’: Mina Loy’s American Lineage and an Urban Poetry of Economic Deprivation”

Susan Gilmore, “‘It Had to Beat the Inevitable’: Gwendolyn Brooks’s Report from the Fifties”

David W. Clippinger, “Resurrecting the Ghost: H.D., Susan Howe, and the Haven of Poetry”

Renée R. Curry, “H.D., Dove, Glück, and Levin: The Poetry of Afroasiatic and White Greece”

Review Essay

Deborah M. Mix, “Shaking the American Tree: Traditions of Innovative American Poetry by Women”

Cover: Photograph of Sara Henderson Hay, 1973. Courtesy Special Collections, Carnegie Mellon University Libraries, Pittsburgh, PA.


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SPRING and FALL 2000
(publication date 2004)

Poetry’s Poet:
Essays on the Poetry, Pedagogy, and Poetics of Allen Grossman
Edited by Daniel Morris


Daniel Morris, “Introduction: Poetic Witness as an Act of Love”

I. Close Readings, Literary Influences, and Critical Approaches

Mary Baine Campbell, “On the Laughter of Allen Grossman”

Susan Stewart, “Grossman’s Patience”

Jamey Hecht, “‘The Piano Player Explains Himself'”

Stacy Pies, “A Threshold of Openness: Allen Grossman’s ‘Eurydice, or the Third Reich of Dreams'”

Mark Halliday, “Abstraction Resisted (or, H Still H)

II. Ethics and Religion

Norman Finkelstein, “The Limits of Jewish Ethnicity: Allen Grossman’s A Harlot’s Hire

Roger Gilbert, “Visionary Care: Allen Grossman’s Dialectic”

David Mikics, “Visionary Poetry and Family Romance in Allen Grossman”

Maeera Y. Shrieber, “Spiritual Warfare: Allen Grossman on the Relation Between Poetry and the Institutions of Holiness, with Special Reference to Reznikoff’s Testimony

III. Postmodernism and Contemporary Cultures

Stephen Paul Miller, “Allen Grossman and the Metaphor of the Computer in Post-World War II America”

Ha Jin, “My Teacher Allen Grossman”

Matthew Kelley, “Pages Made Blank by Rain: Allen Grossman and the Sings of Obliteration”

Allen Grossman, “Discovery of the Poetic Principle: True-Love Considerations”

Mary Leader, “Linnet”

Cover: Eroded Rockface, Bar Harbor, Maine. Copyright 2000, 2004 by Michael Alpert.

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