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FALL and WINTER 1999
(publication date 2002)

William Carlos Williams and the Language of Poetry
Edited by Burton Hatlen and Demetres Tryphonopoulos


Suzanne W. Churchill, “William Carlos Williams and the Poetics of Ending Others

Kerry Driscoll, “Inversions, Evasions, Strange Machinations of Desire: William Carlos Williams and the Baroness Revisited”

Bruce Holsapple, “Williams on Form: Kora in Hell

Tom Orange, “William Carlos Williams Between Image and Object”

Piotr Parlej, “Imagine the Outside: Metaphor in William Carlos Williams”

Michael Boughn, “Reanimated Numbers and Sounding’s Modulations in Two Poems by William Carlos Williams”

George W. Layng, “Rephrasing Whitman: Williams and the Visual Idiom”

Mark Gorey, “Reading Paterson Book One: The Interpenetration of Metaphor and the ‘Gathered Spray’ of Language”

Brian M. McGrath, “Towards a Poetry of the Present: William Carlos Williams’s Paterson, Book Three”

Shane Rhodes, “Matrimony of the Sign: The IDea and the Thing in William Carlos Williams’s Paterson

Darryl Whetter, “Pounding the Concrete: Williams’s Paterson as Typographical Pastoral”

Norman Finkelstein, “The Crisis of Language and Poetic Identity in Williams’s ‘The Desert Music'”

Aldon Nielsen, “William Carlos Williams and the New Black Poetries”

Donald Wellman, “A Complex Realism: Reading Spring and All as Seminal for Postmodern Poetry”

Cover: Fragment of a Williams poem, courtesy of the William Carlos Williams estate, New Directions Publishing Corp., New York, New York. Reproduced with the permission of The Poetry/Rare Books Collection, University Libraries, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York.

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(publication date 2001)



Michael Davidson, “Missing Larry: The Poetics of Disability in the Work of Larry Eigner”

John Lowney, “Poetry, Property, and Propriety: Lorine Niedecker and the Legacy of the Great Depression”

Georgia Johnston, “Lyn Hejinian’s Repetition: Reading a Narratology of Autobiography”

Craig Dworkin, “‘Seeing Words Machinewise’: Technology and Visual Prosody”

Timothy Gray, “Explorations of Pacific Rim Community in Gary Snyder’s Myths & Texts

Review Essays

Clive Meachen, “Creeley’s Company”

Barrett Watten, “Career Anti-Triumphalism”


Donald Wesling (Basil Bunting on Poetry, ed. Peter Makin)

Romana Huk (Keith Tuma: Fishing by Obstinate Isles: Modern and Postmodern British Poetry and American Readers)

Nate Dorward (Other: British and Irish Poetry since 1970, ed. Richard Caddel and Peter Quartermain)

Jeanne Heuving (Kathleen Fraser, Translating the Unspeakable: Poetry and the Innovative Necessity)

Burt Kimmelman (Mark Scroggins, Louis Zukofsky and the Poetry of Knowledge)

Michael Magee (Lorenzo Thomas, Extraordinary Measures: Afrocentric Modernism and Twentieth-Century American Poetry)

Joel Bettridge (To Do as Adam Did: Selected Poems of Ronald Johnson, ed. Peter O’Leary)

Cover: Typescript of an unpublished poetics statement by Larry Eigner, typed on the back of an envelope postmarked 22 July 1987. Collection of Benjamin Friedlander.

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