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Special Issue


Edward Dorn, “Recent Work”

The Vortex

Edward Dorn, “Introduction to Gunslinger Notes”

Stephen Fredman and Grant Jenkins, “First Annotations to Edward Dorn’s Gunslinger

Peter Michelson, “Edward Dorn, Inside the Outskirts”

Grant Jenkins, “Gunslinger‘s Ethics of Excess: Subjectivity, Community, and the Politics of the Could Be”

Burton Hatlen, “Toward a Common Ground: Versions of Place in the Poetry of Charles Olson, Edward Dorn, and Theodore Enslin”

Cover: Edward Dorn by Jennifer Dunbar Dorn

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SPRING and FALL 1996

Special Issue


H.D., “The Suffragette, with a Preface by Donna K. Hollenberg”

Barbara Guest, “H.D. and the Conflict of Imagism”

Eileen Gregory, “H.D.’s Gods: Anthropology and Romantic Mythography”

Lin Knutson, “Arrested Moments: Communitas and Liminality in H.D.’s Her

Sarah E. White, “The Archaeological Context of H.D.’s ‘Secret Name’ and ‘Hesperia'”

Victoria Harrison, “When a Gift is a Poison: H.D., the Moravian, the Jew and World War II”

Christopher Galaver, “I Mend a Break in Time: An Historical Reconstruction of H.D.’s Wunden Eiland Ceremony in The Gift and Trilogy

Jane Augustine, “Preliminary Comments on the Meaning of H.D.’s The Sword Went out to Sea

Susan Acheson, “H.D. and the Age of Aquarius: Liturgy, Astrology and Gnosis in Trilogy

Michael Hardin, “H.D.’s Trilogy: Speaking Through the Margins”

Rosanne Wasserman, “H.D.’s Helen in Egypt: Comment on the Lyric”

Harriet Tarlo, “The Underworld of H.D.’s Helen in Egypt

Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas, “‘Set in eternity but lived in’: H.D.’s Vale Ave

Raffaella Baccolini, “‘There was a Helen before there was a war’: Desire in H.D.’s Winter Love and Pound’s Pisan Cantos

Kathleen Crown, “‘Let us endure’: Atomic-Age Anxiety in H.D.’s Sagesse

Cover: H.D. reprinted with permission from Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale Collection of American Literature, Yale University.

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