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Special Issue


Edward Dorn, “Recent Work”

The Vortex

Edward Dorn, “Introduction to Gunslinger Notes”

Stephen Fredman and Grant Jenkins, “First Annotations to Edward Dorn’s Gunslinger

Peter Michelson, “Edward Dorn, Inside the Outskirts”

Grant Jenkins, “Gunslinger‘s Ethics of Excess: Subjectivity, Community, and the Politics of the Could Be”

Burton Hatlen, “Toward a Common Ground: Versions of Place in the Poetry of Charles Olson, Edward Dorn, and Theodore Enslin”

Cover: Edward Dorn by Jennifer Dunbar Dorn

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SPRING and FALL 1996

Special Issue


H.D., “The Suffragette, with a Preface by Donna K. Hollenberg”

Barbara Guest, “H.D. and the Conflict of Imagism”

Eileen Gregory, “H.D.’s Gods: Anthropology and Romantic Mythography”

Lin Knutson, “Arrested Moments: Communitas and Liminality in H.D.’s Her

Sarah E. White, “The Archaeological Context of H.D.’s ‘Secret Name’ and ‘Hesperia'”

Victoria Harrison, “When a Gift is a Poison: H.D., the Moravian, the Jew and World War II”

Christopher Galaver, “I Mend a Break in Time: An Historical Reconstruction of H.D.’s Wunden Eiland Ceremony in The Gift and Trilogy

Jane Augustine, “Preliminary Comments on the Meaning of H.D.’s The Sword Went out to Sea

Susan Acheson, “H.D. and the Age of Aquarius: Liturgy, Astrology and Gnosis in Trilogy

Michael Hardin, “H.D.’s Trilogy: Speaking Through the Margins”

Rosanne Wasserman, “H.D.’s Helen in Egypt: Comment on the Lyric”

Harriet Tarlo, “The Underworld of H.D.’s Helen in Egypt

Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas, “‘Set in eternity but lived in’: H.D.’s Vale Ave

Raffaella Baccolini, “‘There was a Helen before there was a war’: Desire in H.D.’s Winter Love and Pound’s Pisan Cantos

Kathleen Crown, “‘Let us endure’: Atomic-Age Anxiety in H.D.’s Sagesse

Cover: H.D. reprinted with permission from Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale Collection of American Literature, Yale University.

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Featuring Basil Bunting and Ronald Johnson


The Vortex

Ronald Johnson, “Take a Chisel to Write: Key to Briggflatts

Peter O’Leary, “ARK as a Spiritual Phenomenon: An Approach to Reading Ronald Johnson’s Poem”

Andrew Crozier, “Paper Bunting”

The Explicator

Jocelyn Cordes, “Love’s Labor: Reading Zukofsky’s Bottom: On Shakespeare

D. Nielsen, “The Mystical/Political Poetry of Denise Levertov: Rereading ‘Advent 1966′”

Judith P. Saunders, “Charles Tomlinson and the Automobile: Shifting Perspectives and a Moving Frame”

Paul Naylor, “(Mis)Characterizing Charlie: Language and the Self in the Poetry and Poetics of Charles Bernstein”

The Reviewer

William Benton (Ronald Johnson, ARK)

Mark Morrison (Bruce Clarke, Dora Marsden and Early Modernism: Gender, Individualism, Science)

Cover: Ronald Johnson reading. Photo copyright 1990 by Robert Pruzan.

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SPRING and FALL 1995

Special Issue
Guest edited by Donna Hollenberg and Eileen Gregory


The Editor

Susan Stanford Friedman, “Serendipity: Finding a Draft Manuscript of H.D.’s ‘Helen'”

Robert Spoo, “Editing H.D.’s Asphodel: Selected Emendations and Notes”

Donna Krolik Hollenberg, “‘New Puritans’ in a Civilian War: Letters Between H.D. and Norman Holmes Pearson (1941-1946)

Eileen Gregory, “Euripides and H.D.’s Working Notebook for Helen in Egypt

The Vortex

William Wenthe, “‘The Hieratic Dance’: Prosody and the Unconscious in H.D.’s Poetry”

Lawrence H. McCauley, “The Wail Cannot Di-Jest Me: Puns, Poetry, and Language in H.D.’s Trilogy

George Hart, “‘A Memory Forgotten’: The Circle of Memory and Forgetting in H.D.’s Helen in Egypt

Scott Boehnen, “‘H.D., War Poet’ and the ‘Language Fantasy’ of Trilogy

Robert G. Babcock, “Verses, Translations, and Reflections from ‘The Anthology’: H.D., Ezra Pound, and the Greek Anthology”

Kathleen Crown, “H.D.’s Jellyfish Manifesto and the Visible Body of Modernism”

Deborah Anne Moreland, “The Suffragettes, the Great War, and Representation in H.D.’s Asphodel

Cover: H.D., Pennsylvania, 1900. Photograph by Lipp Studio. Reprinted by permission of The Yale Collection of American Literature, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.

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Virginia M. Kouidis, “William Carlos Williams Among the Nightingales: The Erotics and Poetics of the Modernist Love Song”

Nicole Cooley, “‘The Act is Disclosed by the Imagination of It’: Frottage, Collage and the American Origin in the Work of William Carlos Williams”

Chris Beyers, “Marianne Moore’s and John James Audubon’s Frigate Pelican”

Cramer R. Cauthen, “Deep Image and the Poetics of Oppen’s ‘Of Being Numerous'”

Anne Dewey, “History as a Force Field in Pound, Zukofsky, and Olson”

Thomas F. Bertonneau, “Life in a Human Universe: Charles Olson’s (Post) Modernism in Context (An Antropoetics)


Stephen Fredman (Modernism/Modernity, eds. Lawrence Rainey and Robert von Hallberg)

Cover photograph by Burton Hatlen.

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SPRING and FALL 1992


Dove Sta Memora

Charles Reznikoff, “Letters to Marie Syrkin: A Selection”

Milton Hindus, “A Poet’s Contribution to Shakespearean Interpretation and Criticism: Charles Reznikoff’s Short Story (and Appended Notes) Entitled ‘A Story for a Dramatist,’ The Menorah Journal 28.3 (Autumn 1940): 269-278″

Charles Reznikoff, “A Story for a Dramatist”

Greogorio Leti, “Excerpt from The Life of Pope Sixtus V”

The Vortex

Stephen Fredman, “Call Him Charles”

Genevieve Cohen-Cheminet, “Serial Rhythm in Charles Reznikoff’s Poetry: A Tentative ‘Misreading'”

Bruce Holsapple, “Poetic Design in Reznikoff’s Testimony

Burton Hatlen, “Objectivism in Context: Charles Reznikoff and Jewish-American Modernism”

Tom Lavazzi, “Poetic Discourse v. Legal Discourse: The Case of Charles Reznikoff”

Matthew Sweney, “Deposition: The First Testimony (1934)”

Henry Weinfield, “‘Wringing, Wringing His Pierced Hands’: Religion, Identity and Genre in the Poetry of Charles Reznikoff”

Milton Hindus, “Centennial for a Saunterer”

Benjamin Hollander, “The Eloquence in Question: Reznikoff’s ‘Manner'”

The Reviewer

Mark Scroggins (Jerome McGann, Black Riders: The Visible Language of Modernism)

Peter Kidd (Charles Olson, Maximus to Gloucester, ed. Peter Anastas)

David Grubbs (Sandra Kumamoto Stanley, Louis Zukofsky and the Transformation of a Modern American Poetics)

Peter Baker (Bruce Comens, Apocalypse and After: Modern Strategy and Postmodern Tactics in Pound, Williams, and Zukofsky)

Richard Blevins (Judith Roche, Myrrh/My Life as a Screamer)

Cover photograph of Charles Reznikoff with his niece, Camilla, 1932-33. Printed with permission of Camilla Reznikoff Wygan.

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Intersections of the Lyrical and the Philosophical
Guest edited by Stephen Fredman and Henry Weinfield


Stephen Fredman, “Intersections of the Lyrical and the Philosophical”

Michael Heller, “Oppen and Stevens: Reflections on the Lyrical and the Philosophical”

Norman Finkelstein, “Bronk, Duncan and the Far Border of Poetry”

Michael Palmer, “Poems”

Grant Jenkins with Teresa Aleman and Donald Prues, “An Interview with Michael Palmer”

Ross Feld, “Some Thoughts about Objectivism”

Henry Weinfield, “‘A Thousand Threads’ and ‘The One Things’: Oppen’s Vision (A Reply to Ross Feld)”

Jeffrey Peterson, “The Siren Song of the Singular: Armantrout, Oppen, and the Ethics of Representation”

John Shoptaw, “Lyric Incorporated: The Serial Object of George Oppen and Langston Hughes”

Krzysztof Ziarek, “The Poetics Event: Stein, the Avant-Garde, and the Aesthetic Turn of Philosophy”

Paul Naylor, “On Certainty (A.K.A. Negative Capability)”

Robert Duncan photograph by Burton Hatlen; George Oppen photograph (1970), courtesy of Mary Oppen; William Bronk photograph courtesy of Paul Pines.

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FALL 1993


The Vortex

Stacy Carson Hubbard, “The Many-Armed Embrace: Collection, Quotation and Mediation in Marianne Moore’s Poetry”

Vicki Graham, “‘The Power of the Visible’: Marianne Moore and the ‘Mimetic Faculty'”

Teresa Fulker, “Not-War and the Inspiration of the Gloire in H.D.’s Bid Me to Live

Richard Frye, “‘Ascent to a Higher Plane’: The Fourth Dimension and the Imagination in Williams’s Kora in Hell and Spring and All

Penny Tselentis-Apostolidis, “On Olson’s Geographic Methodology: Quoting, Naming, Pacing and Mapping”

Susan M. Schultz, “‘The Lyric Crash’: The Theater of Subjectivity in John Ashbery’s Three Poems

The Reviewer

Richard Lowell Blevins (David Rattray, How I Became One of the Invisible)

Cover photograph by Burton Hatlen.

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The Vortex

Thomas F. Bertonneau, “Consecrated in Blood/Unjustly Accused: The Ethical Paradox of WCW’s In the American Grain (An Anthropoetics)”

Jeff Poggi and Sergio Rizzo, “The Novel Poetry of Paterson

Peter Baker, “Blackburn’s Gift”

Luke Carson, “The Protesting Furor: Robert Duncan’s ‘Metaphysical Genius'”

David Kadlec, “The Flowering of Miss Jack Tar: Symzonia, Pym, and Paul Metcalf’s Both

The Bibliographer

Tom Lavazzi, “Gary Synder: An International Checklist of Criticism”

Vincent Prestianni, “Frank O’Hara: An Analytic Bibliography of Bibliographies”

Vincent Prestianni, “Kenneth Koch: An Analytic List of Bibliographies”

The Reviewer

Michael Fournier (Artie Gold, The Beautiful Chemical Waltz: Selected Poems)

Richard Lowell Blevins (Sherman Paul, For Love of the World: Essays on Nature Writers)

Robert Joseph Podgurski (Richard Blevins, The Somnolent Lucidity of Three Sleeps)

Cover photograph by Marie McCosh Alpert.

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The Vortex

Rae Armantrout, “Feminist Poetics and the Meaning of Clarity”

Peter Quartermain, “Syllable as Music: Lyn Hejinian’s Writing Is an Aid to Memory

Shawn Alfery, “Toward Intersubjective Knowledge: H.D.’s Liminal Poetics”

Caroline Zilboorg, “Richard Aldington’s ‘Blizzard’: A Reading in Context”

Jeffery Twitchell, “Tuning the Sense: Cavalcanti, Marx, Spinoza and Zukofsky’s ‘A’-9”

Steve Shoemaker, “Carl Rakosi Interview”

The Reviewer

Norman Finkelstein (William Bronk, Some Words; Burt Kimmelman, Musaics)

Mark Scroggins (Peter Quartermain, Disjunctive Poetics: From Gertrude Stein and Louis Zukofsky to Susan Howe)

Burton Hatlen (American Poetry Today: Innovators and Outsiders, ed. Eliot Wienberger)

Cover photograph by Marie McCosh Alpert.

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