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The Vortex

Marjorie Perloff, “From Tolerance to Irrelevance: Talking Poetry in the Academy”

Alan Golding, “Poet-Critics and Professionalism in the 1930s”

David Gewanter, “The Age of Postcriticism: Bears, Talkabout, and the Hyphen”

Bruce Comes, “From A to An: The Postmodern Twist in Louis Zukofsky”

David Kellogg, “Body Poetics, Body Politics: The Birth of Charles Olson’s Dynamic”

André Rodríguez, “Enlarging History: The Poetry of J. H. Prynne”

Elizabeth H. Davis, “Marianne Moore’s Concentrated Free Verse: ‘Starve It Down and Make It Run'”

The Biographer

Caroline Zilboorg, “‘Soul of My Soul’: A Contextual Reading of H.D.’s ‘Heliodora'”

Jerry Reisman, “On Some Conversations with Celia Zukofsky”

Cover photograph by Marie Alpert.

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SPRING and FALL 1991


The Vortex

Michael Heller, “Avant-Garde Propellants of the Machine Made of Words”

Paul Kenneth Naylor, “Where Are We Now in Poetry?”

David L. Elliott, “An Interview with Robert Creeley”

Piotr Parlej, “Testing the Image: The Double Interrogative in the Poetry of George Oppen”

Ming-Qian Ma, “A ‘Seeing’ through Refraction: The Rear-View Mirror Image in George Oppen’s Collected Poems

Keith Tuma, “Pound, Eliot, Yeats, Auden and Basil Bunting in the Thirties”

John Paul Tassoni, “Play and Co-option in Kenneth Koch’s Ko, or a Season on Earth: ‘Freedom and the Realizable World!”

Bruce Campbell, “‘All the Movement Still My Own’: Clark Coolidge’s Mesh

Krzysztof Ziarek, “Word for Sign: Poetic Language in Coolidge’s The Crystal Text

The Bibliographer

Alvin R. Bailey, “A Selected, Annotated Bibliography of SEcondary Sources, 1932-1985, on Louis Zukofsky”

Vincent Prestianni, “Robert Creeley: An Analytic Bibliography of Bibliographies”

Peggy L. Fox, “Copyright for Scholars”

The Reviewer

Richard Blevins (Tom Clark, Charles Olson: The Allegory of a Poet’s Life; Robert Creeley, Autobiography; Fielding Dawson, The Black Mountain Book: A New Edition; Robert Creeley, Windows)

Louis Dudek (Ken Norris, Report on the Second Half of the Twentieth Century; Ken Norris, The Better Park of Heaven; Ken Norris, Islands; Ken Norris, Report on the Second Half of the Twentieth Century, Books 8-11)

Judith Nichols-Orians (Denise Levertov, A Door in the Hive)

Burton Hatlen (The Selected Letters of George Oppen, ed. Rachel Blau DuPlessis)

Peter S. Kidd (The Mason-Dixon Trio, Old Martins, New Strings)

Cover photograph by Burton Hatlen.

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