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H.D. / WCW


The Vortex

Peter Quartermain, “‘Our Transported Maiden’: A Note on American Poetry, 1900-1945”

Sharon Dolin, “Enjambment as Modernist Metaphor in Williams’s Poetry”

Bruce Holsapple, “Williams, Whitehead and the Embodiment of Knowledge: ‘A New Order of Knowing'”

John Lowney, “‘A Plot of Ground’: The Problem of Cultural Identity in the Emergence of Williams’s Avant-Garde Stance”

Adalaide Morris, “Signaling: Feminism, Politics, and Mysticism in H.D.’s War Trilogy”

Kevin Oderman, “H.D.: The What in a Word”

The Reviewer

Michael Fournier (Louis Zukofsky, Complete Short Poetry)

John Martone (Cid Corman, of)

The cover photographs of H.D. and William Carlos Williams are by Man Ray, and were taken in the 1920s.

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SPRING and FALL 1990


The Vortex

Timothy Materer, “Robert Duncan and the Mercurial Self”

Edward Schelb, “Through Rupture to Destiny: Repetition in Zukofsky”

John Tomas, “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Jew: Zukofsky’s Poem Beginning ‘The’ in Context”

Jane Augustine, “Modernist Moravianism: H.D.’s Unpublished Novel The Mystery”

Dana R. Shugar, “Faustine Re-membered: H.D.’s Use of Swinburne’s Poetry in Hermione

Andrew Lawson, “Basil Bunting and English Modernism”

Miriam Nichols, “Robin Blaser’s Poetics of Relation: Thinking without Bannisters”

Tandy Sturgeon, “Doing that Medieval Thing: Paul Blackburn’s Provençal Premises”

Robert O’Brien Hokanson, “‘Projecting’ Like a Man: Charles Olson and the Poetics of Gender”

Peter Baker, “Poetic Subjectivity in Olson’s Maximus Poems

John Walen-Bridge, “Gary Synder’s Poetic of Right Speech”

The Explicator

Anne Shifrer, “The Asperities of Survival in Marianne Moore’s ‘The Jerboa'”

George Monteiro, “George Oppen’s Hudson River ‘Night Scene'”

The Bibliographer

Vincent Prestianni, “William Carlos Williams: An Analytic Bibliography of Bibliographies and Selective Checklist of Surveys of Criticism, Special Collections, Previously Unpublished Work, and Miscellanea”

The Reviewer

Richard L. Blevins (Edward Dorn, Abhorrences)

Edward Halsey Foster (Michael Heller, In the Builded Place)

Richard L. Blevins (Sherman Paul, Hewing to Experience: Essays and Reviews on Recent American Poetry and Poetics, Nature and Culture)

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