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Sagetrieb 8.3



The Vortex

George F. Butterick, “The Use of Research Materials in the Teaching of Literature: Toward a More Complete Phenomenoloy of Text”

Judith Halden-Sullivan, “Being Open: Charles Olson’s Phenomenological Analytic”

The Explicator

Gary Burnett, “The Identity of ‘H.’: Imagism and H.D.’s Sea Garden

Richard R. Frye, “Scrying the Signs: Objectivist Premonitions in Williams’s Spring and All

The Biographer

Terrell Crouch, “Interview with Denise Levertov”

Caroline Zilboorg, “Letters Across the Abyss: The H.D.-Adrienne Monnier Correspondence”

The Reviewer

Peter Kidd (George F. Butterick, The Collected Poems of George F. Butterick)

Ken Norris (Bruce Whiteman, The Invisible World Is In Decline)

Cover photograph of George Butterick with his sons George and Aaron at The Fort, Gloucester, MA. Photo taken by Colette Butterick, printed courtesy of the Literary Estate of George Butterick, Robert Bertholf executor.

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SPRING and FALL 1989


The Vortex

Brian Conniff, “Bunting’s Villon

Hilary Clark, “Briggflatts and the Cadence of Memory”

Tom Lavazzi, “Pattern of Flux: Sex, Buddhism, and Ecology in Gary Snyder’s Poetry”

Bruce Campbell, “‘We Miss What We Hit’: Jack Spicer’s Collected Books

Elizabeth Arnold, “Mina Loy and the Futurists”

The Explicator

Sarah E. Witte, “H.D.’s Recension of The Egyptian Book of the Dead in Palimpsest

Reginald Abbott, “‘All Fashions Feud’: Images of Fashionable and Unfashionable Women in Lorine Niedecker”

Denise Lynch, “Denise Levertov in Pilgrimage”

Virginia Wallace-Whitaker, “Robert Duncan on ‘My Mother Would Be a Falconress'”

Stephen-Paul Martin, “A Paradigm Lost: Ron Silliman’s Paradise and the Archaeology of Language”

The Biographer

George Monteiro, “‘Blue Girls’ and A Voyage to Pagany: A Note on William Carlos Williams and John Crowe Ransom”

Philip Bufithis, “William Carlos Williams Writing Against The Waste Land

Christopher Beach, “The Dimension of Personality: Charles Olson and Monroe Engel in Correspondence”

Virginia Wallace-Whitaker, “Robert Duncan and the Creative Process: Writing Reading”

The Bibliographer

Vincent Prestianni, “Louis Zukofsky: An Analytic Bibliography of Bibliographies”

Vincent Prestianni, “George Oppen: An Analytic List of Bibliographies”

The Reviewer

Burton Hatlen (Norman Finkelstein, The Utopian Moment in Contemporary American Poetry)

Cover drawing of Basil Bunting.

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