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Special Issue
Guest edited by Burt Kimmelman and Henry Weinfield


Burt Kimmelman and Henry Weinfield, “Introduction”

William Bronk, “Perspective,” “Holy Ghost,” “Deaf Beethoven,” “Emptying Out,” “The Mind’s Dispossession,” “Vicarious,” “Of Poetry,” “Coming Up Short”

Henry Weinfield, “A Conversation with William Bronk”

Allen Mandelbaum, “To Be a Bronk”

R. M. Ernest, “Silver Brushes”

Tim Longville, “Homage to William Bronk”

Mark Rudman, “Toward a Reading of the Poetry of William Bronk”

James Camp, “At the Inauguration: The Social Muse”

Samuel Hazo, “Another Word for Time: Who Promised You Tomorrow?”

Robert Creeley, “Echoes”

Sherry Kearns, “Life Under Water”

Paul Pines, “Dear Bronk”

James L. Weil, “Your Poems”

Richard Elman, “On William Bronk”

Daniel Wolff, “From Work Sonnets

Cid Corman, “Three Poems”

Richard Carella, “Odyssey”

Jonathan Williams, “A Meta-Four for Bill Bronk”

Michael Perkins, “Summer Light”

Norman Finkelstein, “The Singular Achievement of William Bronk”

Louise Chawla, “Biography of an Antibiograph”

Bruce Campbell, “‘The Mark We Do Not Cross’: The Status of the Proposition in William Bronk’s Poetry”

Edward Halsey Foster, “William Bronk’s The Brother in Elysium: The Authority of Form”

Burt Kimmelman, “Centrality in a Discrete Universe: William Bronk and Wallace Stevens”

Michael Heller, “Bronk’s Manifest

Henry Weinfield, “‘The Cloud of Unknowing’: William Bronk and the Condition of Poetry”

John Ernest, “William Bronk’s Religious Desire”

Edward Halsey Foster, “A William Bronk Checklist (A Selected Bibliography)”

Cover photos by Joyce Block and James L. Weil. Cover poem copyright William Bronk 1979.

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FALL 1988


The Vortex

Harald Mesch, “Meta-Hodos: Charles Olson’s ‘Science of the Path'”

Joseph M. Conte, “Against the Calendar: Paul Blackburn’s Journals

Leverett T. Smith, JR., “Robert Creeley: ‘A So-Called Larger View”

The Explicator

John Martone, “On Charles Reznikoff and ‘Talking Hebrew in Every Language Under the Sun'”

Kevin Oderman, “Lorine Niedecker: Houses into Hoopla”

The Biographer

Christopher Beach, “Interview with Joel Oppenheimer”

Elisabeth Gustafson, “The Likeness of Marianne Moore”

The Reviewer

Richard L. Blevins (Some Others: Contemporary American Poetry, ed. Sherman Paul)

Margaret Sayers Peden (The Collected Poems of Octavio Paz, 1957-1987, ed. Eliot Weinberger)

The cover features a photograph of Joel Oppenheimer, courtesy of New England College and Theresa Maier.

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Guest Edited by George Bowering and Ken Norris


George Bowering, “Do You Know Who the Canadian Poets Are?”

Ken Norris, “A View from the East”

Robin Blaser, “Infinite Worlds: The Poetry of Louis Dudek”

Louis Dudek, “Black Mountain Contact: CIV/nTISH, a Memoir”

Frank Davey, “‘Minotaur Poems’: Language, Form and Centre in Eli Mandel’s Poetry”

Pauline Butling, “Phyllis Webb as a Post-Duncan Poet”

Robert Kroetsch, “For Play and Entrance: The Contemporary Canadian Long Poem”

Pamela Banting, “Fred Wah’s Syntax: A Genealogy, a Translation”

Smaro Kamboureli, “Outlawed Narrative: Michael Ondaatje’s The Collected Works of Billy the Kid

George Bowering, “Language Women: Post-Anecdotal Writing in Canada”

Rob Dunham, “Knots of Energy: The Contest of Discourses in Sharon Thesen’s Poetry”

Stephen Scobie, “The Barren Reach of Modern Desire: Intertextuality in Sharon Thesen’s The Beginning of the Long Dash

Robert Lecker, “Give Yourself Up: Christopher Dewdney’s Poetry”

Bruce Whiteman, “As If Paradise Renewed a Tangible and Immaculate Perception: Dewdney’s Textbook”

This cover is of “H (an alphabet” by bpNichol.

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