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Guest edited by Celeste Goodridge

Bonnie Costello, “Marianne Moore and the Sublime”

Margaret Holley, “Portraits of Ladies in Marianne Moore and Elizabeth Bishop”

Celeste Goodridge, “Towards a Poetics of Disclosure: Marianne Moore and Henry James”

Cleo McNelly Kearns, “Consanguinities: T. S. Eliot and Marianne Moore”

Charles Molesworth, “In Earnest of Merit: Moore’s Early Fiction”

Rosanne Wasserman, “Marianne Moore and the New York School: O’Hara, Ashbery, Koch”

Sabine Sielke, “Snapshots of Marriage, Snares of Mimicry, Snarls of Motherhood: Marianne Moore and Adrienne Rich”

Lynn Keller and Cristanne Miller, “‘The Tooth of Disputation’: Marianne Moore’s ‘Marriage'”

Jeanne Heuving, “Gender in Marianne Moore’s Art: Can’ts and Refusals”

Vicki Graham, “Whetted to Brilliance”

Janet Sullivan, “Encountering the Unicorn: William Carlos Williams and Marianne Moore”

Alan Nadel, “Marianne Moore and the Art of Delineation”

Dona J. Hickey, “Marianne Moore: The Best of Both Worlds”

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FALL 1987

Guest Edited by Rachel Blau DuPlessis


Anne Waldman, “H.D.”

Beverly Dahlen, “Homonymous: A Mediation on H.D.’s Trilogy

Robert Creeley, “H.D.”

Bruce Boone, “H.D.’s Writing: Herself a Ghost”

F. Dawson, “On H.D.”

H.D., “The Borderline Pamphlet”

Susan Stanford Friedman, “H.D. Chronology: Composition and Publication of Volumes”

Cassandra Laity, “H.D.’s Romantic Landscapes: The Sexual Politics of the Garden”

Eileen Gregory, “Scarlet Experience: H.D.’s Hymen

Michael Boughn, “Elements of the Sounding: H.D. and the Origins of Modernist Prosodies”

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The Vortex

Alan Golding, “History, Mutation, and the Mutation of History in Edward Dorn’s Slinger

Marcel Cornis-Pop, “Escape into New Languages: The Avant-Gardist Ideals and Constraints of Andrei Codrescu’s Poetry”

Walter Sutton, “Trilogy and The Pisan Cantos: The Shock of War”

Augustus M. Kolich, “W. C. Williams’s Paterson and the Poetry of Uncertainty”

The Explicator

Karen A. Weisman, “‘Self-Taunt’ and ‘The Course We Tide From’: A Note on Zukofsky’s ‘A’-4”

Jay Dougherty, “From Society to Self: Ginsberg’s Inward Turn in Mind Breaths

The Biographer

William R. Klink, “Paterson Forty Years after Paterson

David McAleavey, “Oppen on Literature and Literary Figures and Issues”

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, “A Bibliography of Interviews of George and Mary Oppen Chronologically Arranged”

S. Travis, “A Crack in the Ice: Subjectivity and the Mirror in H.D.’s Her

Burton Hatlen, “Recovering the Human Equation: H.D.’s ‘Hermetic Definition'”

Michael Boughn, “The Bibliographic Record of H.D.’s Contributions to Periodicals”

Cover: The Falls, Paterson, NJ.

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