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The Excerner

Paul Metcalf, “The Prayers: A Documentary Comedy-Drama”

C. Mark Hurlbert and Joseph Bocchi, “An Interview with Paul Metcalf”

David Kadlec, “Apalache: The Restorative Context”

Andrew Campbell, “Paul Metclaf, Geology, and the Dynamics of Place”

The Vortex

Amos N. Wilder, “A Poet in the Depression: Letters of Kenneth Patchen, 1934-1941”

Peter Cole, “The Object and Its Edge: Rothko, Oppen, Zukofsky, and Newman”

Cid Corman, “A Poem by George”

Cover photograph provided by Paul Metcalf.

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FALL 1986


The Vortex

Richard Jackson, “A Common Time: The Poetry of Denise Levertov”

Nancy J. Sisko, “To Stay Alive: Levertov’s Search for a Revolutionary Poetry”

Patrick D. Murphy, “Penance or Perception: Spirituality and Land in the Poetry of Gary Synder and Wendell Berry”

Harvey Feinberg, “The American Kora: Myth in the Art of William Carlos Williams”

The Biographer

Burton Hatlen, “Interview with Carl Rakosi”

Andrei Codrescu, “The Birth of a Corpse”

The Reviewer

Jenny Penberthy (From this Condensery: The Complete Writing of Lorine Niedecker, ed. Robert J. Bertholf)

The cover portrait of Denise Levertov is by Rollie McKenna for The Modern Poets (McGraw-Hill, 1970).

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The Vortex

Meldoy M. Zajdel, “‘I See Her Differently’: H.D.’s Trilogy as Feminist Response to Masculine Modernism”

Scott Thomas Eastham, “‘by defective means – ‘: Poetic Diction and Divine Apparition in William Carlos Williams’s Later Poetry”

Paul Christensen, “Postmodern Bildungsromans: The Drama of Recent Autobiography”

Woon-Ping Chin Holaday, “Formlessness and Form in Gary Synder’s Mountains and Rivers without End

Cid Corman, “Working the Desert”

The Explicator

David McAleavey, “Oppen on Oppen: Extracts from Interviews”

Bruce Comens, “Soundings: The ‘An’ Song Beginning ‘A’-22”

D. M. Hooley, “Tropes of Memory: Zukofsky’s Catullus

The Reviewer

Marc Hashman (Gael Turnbull, A Gathering of Poems: 1950-1980)

Gary Lenhart (Michael Heller, Conviction’s Net of Branches: Essays on the Objectivist Poets and Poetry)

Don Wellman (Charles Bernstein, Islets/Irriatations)

This cover is a drawing by Kenneth Patchen, reproduced from What Shall We Do Without Us? (Sierra Club, 1984). Courtesy of James Laughlin and the Sierra Club. This 8 x 12 book contains dozens of many-colored drawings of Patchen and an account by Laughlin of his 35 year association with Patchen.

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