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FALL 1984


Dove Sta Memora

E. P. Walkiewicz, “By Test of Time”

Robert Creeley, “A Visit with Dr. Williams”

Hugh Kenner, “The Rhythm of Ideas”

Diane Wakoski, “William Carlos Williams: The Poet’s Poet”

Patricia C. Willis, “William Carlos Williams, Marianne Moore, and The Dial

The Excerner

Linda W. Wagner, “The Outrage of Many Loves

Theodora R. Graham, “Myra’s Emergence in William Carlos Williams’s A Dream of Love

Thomas Kilroy, “Brecht, Beckett, and Williams”

Douglas Messerli, “A World Detached: The Early Criticism of William Carlos Williams”

Eleanor Berry, “The Williams-Oppen Connection”

The Gallery

Conference Program


Program for Many Loves

The Reviewer

Stephen Cushman (William Carlos Williams)

Beverly Sauer Levy (William Carlos Williams, Many Loves)

George Butterick (The Autobiography of LeRoi Jones)

The drawing for this cover is entitled “WCW as artist.” The doctor said of it: “This is the best portrait of me extant. I am thinking of giving up writing for painting.” Copyright 1975 by Florence H. Williams.

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The Excerner

Paul Mariani, “The Hard Core of Beauty”

Deborah Kelly Kloepfer, “Flesh Made Word: Maternal Inscription in H.D.”

Thomas Parkinson, “The Poetry of Gary Snyder”

Kevin Oderman, “Earth and Awe: The One Poetry of George Oppen”

The Explicator

Michael Heller, “The True Epithalamium”

Robert Hogg, “Okeanos Rages”

Dirk Stratton, “If To Is: Robert Creeley’s ‘If You'”

A Sheaf for George Oppen, at 75

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, “On the Island”

Burton Hatlen, “‘In that Sea We Breathe the Open Miracle'”

Jerome Rothenberg, “A Talk for George Oppen on His 75th Birthday, and Some Sections from ‘Flower World: A Gathering of Poems from the Yaqui Deer Dance”

David McAleavey, “28 October (Greek Independence Day)”

The Reviewer

Laszlo K. Géfin (Michael Heller, Knowledge)

Donald Wesling (Jonathan Williams, Get Hot or Get Out: A Selection of Poems, 1957-1981)

The cover was designed by Arline Thomson and features a photograph by Burton Hatlen.

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