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The Excerner

Don Byrd, “The Poetry of Production”

Susan Stanford Friedman, “‘Remembering Shakespeare Always, But Remembering Him Differently’: H.D.’s By Avon River

Mark Johnson, “Robert Duncan’s ‘Momentous Inconclusions'”

Kathleen O’Gorman, “Space, Time and Ritual in Charles Tomalison’s Poetry”

Kathryn Shevelow, “Reading Edward Dorn’s Hello La Jolla and Yellow Lola

The Explicator

David Gordon, “A Note on LZ’s Catullus LXI: Theme and Variations”

Sylvester Pollet, “Oppen’s ‘Return'”

Ronald E. McFarland, “The Variable Voice in William Carlos Williams’s ‘Fish'”

The Reviewer

Burton Hatlen (Laszlo Gefin, Ideogram: History of a Poetic Method)

Constance Hunting (Hayden Carruth, Working Papers: Selected Essays and Reviews)

The cover shows the detail of a rock of Cashel, County Tipperary. Photograph provided by Irish Tourist Board.

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The Excerner

Charles Bernstein, “Words and Pictures”

Jed Rasula, “Exfoliating Cosmos”

The Explicator

Norman M. Finkelstein, “Robert Duncan, Poet of the Law”

Linda Simon, “A Preface to Zukofsky”

William Sylvester, “Creeley, Duncan, Zukofsky 1968: Melody Moves the Light”

Lee Bartlett, “Gary Synder’s Han-Shan”

The Biographer

Barry Ahearn, “Two Conversations with Celia Zukofsky”

Constance Hunting, “The Morality of Mina Loy”

The Reviewer

Nancy MacKnight (Janice S. Robinson, H.D.: The Life and Work of an American Poet)

Burton Hatlen (Barry Ahearn, Zukofsky’s ‘A’: An Introduction)

Cover: Portrait of an Englishwoman, Wyndham Lewis. Blast 1, 1914, rpt. Black Sparrow Press, 1981. Reprinted with permission by the Wyndham Lewis Memorial Trust.

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